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Dr. Karina Liles is a native of Bennettsville, SC in Marlboro County. She is an assistant professor in the department of Mathematics and Computer Science where she teaches computer science courses. She is the director of the Social Technologies and Robotics (STAR) Lab. Dr. Liles received her BS in Computer Science from Spelman College, her Med in Educational Technology, ME in Computer Science and Engineering and PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from University of South Carolina.

Prior to employment at Claflin University, Dr. Liles taught computer science courses at University of South Carolina. She has also worked for Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL), AT&T, and Merrill Lynch as a technology analyst. She has worked at Northeastern Technical College as a Research and Statistical Analyst and adjunct professor. Dr. Liles has also served as a Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) consultant for K-12 school districts and currently owns a STEM Truck, a mobile STEM classroom that visits rural areas and provides STEM resources to students and educators.