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Adrian M. Lockwood

Hometown:Charleston, SCClassification:
Community Service: Brand Ambassador for Open House at Claflin University, 
Managing Games at SC State Football Games Mentor: Dr. Randall Harris
Organizations: Cultivating Kings
Research Interest: Aspects of Software Development
Research experience(s): current and/or past (If applicable):

Detailed explanation of your career plans and goals:
Why did you join U-RISE?I wanted to gain the experience of having a research-based internship and experience the opportunity to network with people in the career field.
How will we help you to accomplish your career or academic goal(s)?

Kailee Milligan
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Classification: Rising Sophomore
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Biochemist 
Mentor: Randall Harris
Organizations: SCPHPSC, National Society of Leadership and Success,
How will this help you accomplish your career goals?: This is my first research experience. I want to become a biochemist in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology field. I want to help with fighting diseases, drug development, etc.

Why did you join U-Rise: I joined U Rise because this program is a beautiful experience to know about my career choice. This is another opportunity to learn about different aspects of the science field. I’m also going to experience other areas of research.


Dana M. Joe

Hometown:  Darlington, SC
Classification:  Sophomore 
Major/Minor:  Psychology/ Health & Applied Computing Double Minor
Career Plans:  Speech-Pathology
Community Service: Church Administrative Team Volunteer, Greater Gethsemane Apostolic Church, Quinby, SC; Taking Back OUR Village Back to School Event, Lincolnville, SC: Adopt-A-School School Supply Drive Packaging Items, Claflin University-Office of Career Development, Orangeburg, SC

Mentor: Summer-Dr. Shivji, Fall-unsure 

Organizations:  ACT Honors College, NAACP Chapter and National Member, Psychology Club, Psi Chi Psychology Honors Society, Maroon Record- Social Media Manager and Content Creator, SMILE(Serving Mental Illness Learning Experience) Member 

 Research experience(s): current and past: Current Research Experience:  I am currently researching in the Carney Brain Science Institute at Brown University through the Leadership Alliance Summer Research Early Identification Program. I am studying under Dr. Song and Dr. Melisa Menceloglu and completing cognitive psychology research.

Detailed explanation of your career plans and goals: My ultimate career goal is to become a Speech Language Pathologist, which is why I am currently studying psychology. My interest in the field stems from the desire to help others communicate and advocate for themselves, and to have the ability to make a positive impact on people’s lives. My research interests include neuropsychology, neuroscience, and cognitive psychology. I eventually want to complete research at a professional level within the field of speech, and I want to investigate the relationship between psychology, neuroscience, and speech, which includes auditory processing, language processing, and speech production. I also have a growing interest in biomedical and behavioral research.

Why did you join U-RISE? How will we help you to accomplish your career or academic goal(s)?

I decided to join URISE because it will allow me to further pursue my interests in the fields of science and psychology.  Furthermore, I feel that working with this program will allow me to exemplify and enhance certain skills that are essential in research circumstances and will help me with my current and future academic and career goals. 

Erin N. Thomas
Hometown: OrangeburgClassification:  Junior
Major/Minor:  Biology/Chemistry
Community Service:  The Orangeburg Samaritan House, SC Public Health Preparedness Student Corps
Mentor: Dr. Randall Harris
Organizations: NAACP, Everyone for Equality, SGA Public Relations Team, NSLS, MedEx Academy, ACT Honors Student, MUSC Student Mentors for Minorities in Medicine (SM3), PreMED Partners Pathway (P3) of USC School of Medicine Greenville
Research experience(s): current and past:Medex Academy research, the topic was “How Do Eating Disorders Affect Fertility?”
Why did you join U-RISE? How will we help you to accomplish your career or academic goal(s)? I joined U-RISE because it gave an opportunity to become more in tune with my love of research. I hope to gain a newfound understanding of new topics and to broaden my knowledge with the help of my mentor, Dr. Harris. U-RISE will help to accomplish my career/academic goal by allowing me to enhance my dedication, preparation, and skills towards research. 

Kyla Aikins

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Classification: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Biochemistry
Career Plans: Cosmetic Chemist  
Community Service: I have earned up to 75 hours of community service this year by participating in activities such as volunteering in the school library and creating Thanksgiving cards and baskets for elementary school children.
MentorSteffani Driggins 
Organizations: Collegiate Curls of C.U, Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College
Research experience(s): current and pastN/A
Detailed explanation of your career plans and goals: After college I would like to formulate ingredients that can benefit consumers of a diverse background as a cosmetic chemist. I would eventually like to formulate my own product line for textured hair individuals
Why did you join U-RISE? How will we help you to accomplish your career or academic goal(s)?
I joined U-Rise to find a community that would help me grow and guide me in the S.T.E.M field. U-Rise exposes students to so many opportunities that can propel them to great lengths. Although I have not been a part of U-Rise for a long time I can already see the positive impact it is making on my academic career.